What is the ABCrypto Team?

We are an international team of people, brought together by the desire to be free and enjoy life. We strongly believe that everything is possible and we go through our lives proving this theory at each and every step.


We have 40 years of combined business experience (in many industries: MLM, hotel, banking, music – to name a few)


We are an international team with young and not-so-young members


We’ve built some of the largest teams ever (in more than one Network company)


We’re good in what we do and we enjoy doing it. We’re always on a lookout for new challenges!


If we don’t “feel” it – we don’t touch it. We only work on projects we truly believe in.


We’re passionate about all of our projects. If we take it on – we’ll see it through!

We always wanted to be a part of something BIG


So we decided to CREATE something BIG ourselves.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with the ABCrypto Team!

Who are the ABCrypto Team’s founders?

Freedom is what binds us together. Earn, travel – live your life to the fullest!


Wojciech Guzda

Founder and CEO of the ABCryptoTeam, Sea of Opportunities and Sea of Opportunities Cambodia. Co-founder of Salve Arts Apartments. Leader, Investor, Entrepreneur, Blockchain passionate and marketing advisory genius. Traveller by business and by passion.


Jakub Narog

Co-Founder and Financial Manager of the Sea of Opportunities. Creator of the Salve Arts Apartments brand. Business advisor, investor. New technologies and automotive lover and passionate.


Michal Puchalak

Bilingual copywriter, manager and an experienced marketer. Published writer. Blockchain believer. Owns and runs multiple websites. Loves travel and cats - A LOT. Currently based in Spain.


Aleksandra Niewiara

Bilingual promoter and tour manager (rock’n’roll baby!), qualified teacher of English as a foreigner language, accomplished finance and sales manager. Huge music and travel fan. Currently based in the narrow space between Poland and Australia.


Glenn Palmans

Bilingual Business development manager, business support and optimization, International consulting manager at the higher level. Whatever you do, add some fun in it and you have a recipe made in heaven.


Mateusz Piatek

Co-owner of Salve Apartments & Salve Arts Apartments, co-owner of Bart's Barbershop, manager, opportunities hunter and a big fan of mountains and tennis (not necessarily in that order).

Our Service Keeps you Happy

what we do

Marketing Advisory

We understand what you need. We know how to bring you in front of your future clients. And we know how to make you stand out.

Investor Relations

We bring you a proven track record. We’ll find the right investors for you and we’ll bring them onboard.


We offer you expertise and holistic approach. We’ll help you optimise your business: marketing, operations, image etc.

Strategy and Partnerships

We can help you with setting up a consistent strategy for your business and acquire valuable partnerships.

Our Service Keeps you Happy

our latest projects

Sea of Opportunities Cambodia

Investing in real estate in Cambodia.

Geon Network

Blockchain-based, AR-enabled future of value transfer


Omega brings the best of the finance, MLM and cryptocurrency world, in a single, easy to use package.

We are an international team of people, brought together by the need to be free and enjoy life. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are - it doesn’t matter which corner of the planet you live in. If you truly believe that you CAN do it - everything is possible.

Open for you

We’re here

We are always on the move and work mostly over the internet. But when we aren’t moving – we’re usually here:

Postal Adress: ul. Zamkowa 13, Krakow, Poland

Phone: (+48) 536-733-535

Email: contact@abcryptoteam.info

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